Community Investment Program

Improving Our Community

The Ganaraska Financial Credit Union Community Investment program is an expression of our long-standing commitment to improving the well-being of our member communities. Our program provides broad support to our member communities with an aim to effect positive economic, social and environmental change.

To be eligible for financial support from GFCU, a funding request must align with at least one of our key investment priorities:

Key Priority Areas

1. Youth Development Learning and development opportunities for youth in the areas of healthy lifestyle, education and leadership (includes youth oriented programs and services).
2. Community Revitalization Initiatives to improve the viability and social well-being of our member communities (includes capital projects).

Eligibility Guidelines

• To qualify for support from GFCU, a project or program must meet our community investment eligibility guidelines: We only consider organization projects or programs with potential to benefit our credit union member communities.
• Organization projects or programs must align with our community investment priorities (listed above).
• Long-term, multi-year projects will be considered based on significant corporate exposure and enduring benefits.

Our program does not support:

• Initiatives that benefit only one or a few people
• Projects or programs unrelated to our investment priorities, or outside of our member communities
• Deficit or retroactive funding
• Research or travel funding
• Creation and publication of books, videos, brochures or websites
• Political parties or affiliated events
• Religious activities

Evaluation Criteria

The following questions will be used to evaluate each funding request received.

• Does the request meet eligibility guidelines?
• Does the request fit one of our key priority areas for investment?
• Does the request present any ethical or conflict of interest concerns?
• Does the applicant and/or organization have an active business relationship with GFCU?
• Has support been given in the past? Within the year? Previously? Any problems?
• Is there potential for future business development?
• Who is the audience? Who will benefit from the event/program?
• How many people would benefit?
• Is this an opportunity for brand awareness?
• What other sponsors are participating? Are any of them direct competitors?
• Ability to maintain consistency across the regions?
• Would providing support reflect favourably on GFCU goal to effect positive economic, social and environmental change in our member communities?

How to Apply

Completion of the Application Form is required. Additional information can be attached to the application but requests will be short-listed based on the application form only.
Applications can be emailed to or mailed to Community Investment Program c/o Ganaraska Financial Credit Union 17 Queen Street, Port Hope, ON, L1A 2Y8

Application and Response Timelines

All requests should be made in writing using the sponsorship form. In addition to the form, please include any other details which may be beneficial for the review committee. All applicants will be notified via email after the requests have been reviewed and a decision has been made.
While we appreciate all requests and thank applicants for thinking of GFCU, we unfortunately cannot support all applications for funding.
GFCU only funds one (1) grant application per organization in a given year.